29 September 2013

Tony Curran: September updates

Mary Queen of Scots TIFF Review (Paolo Kagaoan)
Starring Camilla Rutherford, Sean Biggerstaff and Tony Curran
Written and directed by Thomas Imbach
Details here

Tony Curran as Vincent van Gogh from Doctor Who

Doctor Who Tony Curran Interview

Defiance Tony Curran Interview

Doctor Who 50: 2004 - 2013: Part Three
"The new series if full of emotional, heart breaking moments, but Richard Curtis' episode delivers a punch that the series has never seen before. In truth, this episode feels more like a Richard Curtis film than a specific episode of Doctor Who, but this is a testament to the endless flexibility of the program's format. It is never more so when at the end, the Doctor and Amy take Vincent to the future for him to see the impact on the world he will have, all to a pop song, which gives the scene a feature film feeling.

 Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are on top form in this episode, boosted by a small, but delightful cast, headed by Tony Curran as Van Gogh, in a performance that is worth of a BAFTA. His delivery of the complex character is utterly balanced and real, and the audience feels the hurt Amy feels at the end when she realises that nothing has changed. It's also worth noting that Bill Nighy appears in the episode in an uncredited cameo, again delivering a genuinely sweet performance that adds an extra layer to the aforementioned scene. And that doesn't even include the surprisingly moving moment when the Doctor holds an invisible monsters hand as it dies. In all honesty, if you aren't sobbing by the end of the episode, you actually have no heart."
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Doctor Who – Vincent and the Doctor Review (or “An Analysis On How To Pronounce van Gogh”)
"The best scene in the episode, by a distance, is the one in the gallery at the end.

Now I get the feeling I’m risking the wrath of the people who vehemently disagreed with me about the last 20 minutes of The End of Time here, but I felt it was a very touching and emotional moment.

The story had largely been built around the notion that Vincent was considered an untalented joke by the people of his own time, and that sort of public rejection was part of what made him suffer from bouts of depression and ultimately led to him taking his own life.

So to have Vincent – very well-played by actor Tony Curran – see what his work meant to people in the future and hear what Doctor Black had to say about him was a lovely moment. It pulled at the heart-strings,

Maybe people think it was too mushy, but as I’ve said before, I’m a sentimental sort, so this was right up my street,

I understand though that the use of a proper pop/rock song is a bit of a contentious decision among some sections of fandom. I didn’t see the problem; it worked well within the context of the scene it was used in."
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Mary, Queen of Scots : Photo Tony Curran

Peace in 10,000 Hands
"Please welcome #TonyCurran to Peace in 10,000 Hands, you would have seen Tony in loads of movies... like Gladiator, League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Underworld: Evolution. He is currently starring in #Defiance. Tony said 'peace is the only answer for humanity'. Thank you Tony, it was great meeting you, a good Scotsman from Glasgow (like my dad!)..."

Disc News: SyFy’s Defiance Busts Out In October
More here

10 Things We Learned About Syfy’s ‘Defiance’
The whole cast of “Defiance” dished on season two and more at San Diego Comic-Con.
"Tony Curran Looks Forward to Getting in the Bath Again With Jaime Murray
Season one brought a memorable scene for the Tarr family as Datak and Stahma performed a ritual that involved them being bathed by servants. Tony Curran (Datak) jokingly listed that as the biggest thing he's looking forward to doing again, and in doing so gave a hint for the next season: “Unfortunately I won't be doing that where I am.” He then became more serious and described what's next: “What I'm looking forward to is Datak wising up a little bit and not attacking first and asking questions later. Instead of him being so spontaneous with his rage, I think he has to try to keep a lid on it a little bit more because it obviously hasn't done him too well in last season.”
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Tony Curran as King Stephen. Photos.

DatakTarr  #Defiance & DOG #GameOfThrones in the early days in Iceland (photo)

Defiance Official Press Release For Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray Oct 15, 2013

Defiance: Season One - Making Defiance: The World of Defiance
The cast and crew give us an inside look at the creation of the world of Defiance (video).

@TonyCurran69 as Knox in @MaryQueenScot13 (photo)

Can the cast of Defiance name each alien race from their own show?
"Tony Curran - Datak Tarr

Your character is sort of the disreputable gangster of Defiance. Why does everybody give him so much slack? Because he's such a jerk. Why does [Datak] get away with so much?

Tony Curran: Do you think he gets away with so much? I think he gets away quite a lot, being a jerk obviously, thank you for that. The use of that word. He's in the underbelly of Defiance and if you don't do that he says… you might not be around town much longer. I think that's why a lot of people think that he's a jerk.

There's a lot of play with using different alien cultures. How does your characters use his own alien culture to his benefit, and is that something he's very wedded to?

Tony Curran: Datak uses his culture to his own end, for his own benefit. Many times people think he's just trying to control the situation. But he has a spiritual and religious background that he's very, very… Nothing is going to take that way from him. From his own jihad, if you will. He sticks to his culture in a very tough manner. But in many ways, he's a nasty piece of work. But that nasty piece of work comes from his background. He wasn't born bad, I don't think. Or maybe he was. I think his past has a lot to do with the way he's is now."
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Vincent and the Doctor. Video
The Doctor and Amy find themselves sharing drinks with Vincent van Gogh. This episode, written by writer/director/producer Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Doctor Who Confidential - Vincent and the Doctor.  Video
n this 12-minute episode of Doctor Who Confidential, we go behind-the-scenes of "Vincent and the Doctor" with the episode's writer Richard Curtis and guest star Tony Curran (who plays Vincent Van Gogh).

Vincent van Gogh Visits the Museum.  Video
The Doctor and Amy give the painter Vincent van Gogh a gift he'll never forget. From Season 5, Episode 10.

Defiance (AKA Tony Curran Space Badass)
More here

Mary, Queen of Scots : Photo Tony Curran

There is a TARDIS in This Van Gogh Painting

Defiance. The Scheme. Syfy (video)

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