21 September 2005

Post Number One

So here I am with yet another web log/ journal. It's all C.G.'s fault but that's okay - he's a great cause, after all *g*

Honestly, I doubt that I'll update this one very often, since I'm fairly comfortable with my original journal and rarely have time for updating my secondary journal, let alone this one, but we shall see.

So ... if you're reading this ... hi! Want to know something about me? Just ask.


Blogger Feena said...

Hi helygen :-)

Nice alternative Blog :-)

Did you used to post on the Bronze Alternative? I've not seen you around there for ages - or if it's not you, the other person called helygen who posted there!! *lol*

5:55 pm  
Blogger helygen said...

Hi Feena, long time no see!

Yes that's me, the same old helygen! There is another one out there who isn't me, but I'm the former Bronzer one that you remember :)

How's you?

9:22 pm  

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